Universalis Ordinis Stella Matutina

The Universal Order of the Morning Star is a modern interpretation, adaptation and development of the Order known the Stella Matutina. We express our commitment to the accomplishment of the Great Work of the Alchemy of the Spirit, with the purpose of developing each individual to their full potential. As our name suggests, we teach and train the aspirant within a system of Universal symbolism, but with an emphasis on Hermetic Qabalah, ancient Greek and Egyptian Mysteries.

Our Order has no Oaths of Secrecy, only Oaths of Respect and Commitment. We hold the philosophy that “Every man and every woman is a star”, and our aim is to remove the veils of ignorance, so as to allow each Star to shine as a unique and autonomous Individual. For us, True Initiation is nothing other than an unfolding of True Will.

We have lodges in Wales, UK and Southern Spain with study centers in Sicily and Sweden.

For a better understanding of our Order and how we differ from the original Stella Matutina, see our Frequently Asked Questions section.